Modules Site Help

The Anope Modules Site is designed to allow easy access to a large selection of user-submitted modules for Anope IRC Services. If you have a question or issue about how to use the site, or how it works, take a look at the FAQ outlined below.

If your question is not answered below, please send an e-mail to qa-at-anope-dot-org and we'll reply to your question as soon as possible.

Q: What is the Anope Modules site?

A: The Anope Modules site is a repository of user-submitted modules that enhance the IRC Services package Anope.

Q: Do I need to register to use the site?

A: No. You can browse, search the site, and download modules without needing to register.

If you want to post a comment for a module or start to upload your own modules to the site, then you will need to login.

Q: What does Auto Build mean?

A: If a module has the word Auto Build after the file name it means the module was automatically built or edited for a specific Anope release. There is no guarantee the module will work as expected. You should not expect any support if you have problems with this file.

Q: What does Unsupported Source Fix mean?

A: Unsupported Source Fix means the source was fixed to compile on a newer version of Anope by someone other than the author. You should not expect any support if you have problems with an Unsupported Source Fix file.

Q: What BBCode-style tags can I use on the site?

A: When posting a comment to a module, or updating your profile, you can use BBCode-style tags to format your message. Outlined below are some of the possible tags you can use:

[b] text [/b] - Makes text bold
[i] text [/i] - Makes text italic
[u] text [/u] - Makes text underlined
[url="http://urlhere"] link name [/url] - Makes text a clickable URL
[color=red] text [/color] - Makes text a different color (red here)

Other BBCode-style tags may be available but undocumented due to issues with site rendering. This list will be updated when new tags are available for use.

Module Authors can use the same BBCode-style tags in their Module descriptions and Release notes.

Q: How can I download a module from the site?

A: After finding the module you wish to download, you'll need to find a release which supports your version of Anope.

Once you have found the correct release, you can select the kind of download you wish - source or binary. If you are running Anope on Windows, and don't want to compile the module yourself, select the binary option, otherwise choose the source version (You will have to compile this yourself).

If you are downloading the module with wget remember to quote the URL.

Q: How can I upload my modules to the site?

A: Before you can upload any modules, you'll need to apply for a Module Author account. This can be done by clicking the 'Request Module Author Status' button.

Once your Module Author account has been accepted, you can create a new entry for your module by visiting the My Modules page. It will then be verified by a member of the QA team before you are permitted to publish it on the site.

During the Pending or Unpublished stage you can make adjustments to your module entry, such as adding new releases, altering the category or description and uploading new files to the releases.

Once you are satisfied with your module entry, and it has been approved for publication, you can select the 'Publish Module' from the Edit Module page. Your module will then appear on the site for all to see.