Module Author: n00bie
Category: NickServ
Status: Published
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Original Module by SGR

Update/Compiled for Anope 1.7.21 on request of network adding services configuration directives
This module have 2 configurable option.
Copy/paste below on services.conf

# NoticeUnreg [OPTIONAL]
# Module: ns_noticeunregister
# Define this if you want NickServ to NOTICE
# unregistered users when they connect. If you
# enable this setting, NoticeUnregMsg is required.

# NoticeUnregMsg [REQUIRED]
# Define the message which will be
# noticed to unregistered users.
NoticeUnregMsg "Your nickname does not appear to be registered on this network. For more information on how to register and the benefits of registration, use the commands: /NickServ HELP and /NickServ HELP REGISTER"

# End of module: ns_noticeunregister

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