Module Author: n00bie
Category: ChanServ
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NO LONGER SUPPORTED! SEE: http://forum.anope.org/index.php?topic=2387.0


This module will make ChanServ JOIN/PART a channel & will automatically set correct modes for itself. This module is designed for ppl who wanted to have @ChanServ sits on their channel along with a BotServ @Bots.

It is recommended not to use this module with cs_fantasy.c or cs_inhabitregistered.c loaded as those modules already does the job ;)

Also, when using this module i'd like to suggest the SYMBIOSIS mode turned off (if there is a bot assigned on a channel). See /BotServ HELP SET SYMBIOSIS for reasons ^^

Only channel founder & services admin can use this command.
Providing Commands:

/msg ChanServ HELP JOIN|PART
/msg ChanServ JOIN #Channel
/msg ChanServ PART #Channel

Providing IRCD Handler for: KICK
If ChanServ gets kicked, it will automatically rejoin the channel.

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