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vhost - a hs_request replacement for Anope

vhost builds on and extends the original feature set provided by hs_request, provides a rich set of more powerful and more directly accessible ways to display and manage virtual hostnames to administrators and in effect completely replaces the original module.

Besides inheriting all original commands and features from hs_request, vhost offers many additional features:

* Management and Announcement Bot 'vhost', keeps everyone updated on open requests and allows access to activation/rejection-related commands, type !vhost in channel for a list of available options. If enabled pre-compile, users can be matched using wildcards and regex strings. (default: enabled)
* Enhanced Request Verifier, making sure only valid requests are accepted and relayed for approval. Validity-checks include checks against an on-the-fly modifiable list of regex strings. Default strings disallowing any valid .tlds (as of feb10) and valid IPs or IP look-alikes are provided.
Often encountered situations such as a user

* repeating his request to 'speed up' the verification process
* wanting to change host capitalisation
* using vhost requests instead of /hs GROUP to synch the vhost for grouped nicks
* abusing vhost requests for ban-evading
* ...

are dealt with automatically and transparently. Although not all events are broadcasted openly, everything happening will be logged and displayed in a channel specified in Anopes' LogChannel (by default, '#services') if enabled.
Besides opers, who are exempted from all checks, special exemption can also be granted on a per-user basis. This exemption propagates to all grouped nicknames. The level of exemption can't currently be specified, it's either all or nothing.
* Shortcuts, why type more if you can type less?
* Mass Activation/Rejection Capability
* Automatic Host Setting on Activation

vhost is currently provided with four languages: English, German, Hungarian and Spanish.

vhost currently works with:

* Hopefully every daemon supported by Anope. However it has only been tested on UnrealIRCd 3.2.6 and later
* Anope-1.7.21 and upwards, tested until Anope-1.8

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