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Category: OperServ
Status: Published
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This module adds a simple command: /msg OperServ WARN

What this will do is send a brief message to the specified nick letting them know that the network has received a complaint about them. It also states that if they continue this behavior, they will be removed. This module may be useful for medium/large size networks that don't have time to PM or join a channel to tell a user to stop acting like an idiot. ;)

It is confirmed that this module does crash when you do not provide a nick in the command. I made some minor changes before releasing the module and forgot to retest /os warn with no parameters. This bug will be fixed and I will release it as 1.1. Thank you to tux for reporting this very obvious bug that somehow I missed.

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  • v1.0 - Released: 21/02/09 (1 file)

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