Module Author: Katlyn
Category: ChanServ
Status: Published
User Rating: (2 Comments)

Adds the PEEK command to ChanServ.

Enables channel operators and network staff to view information about a channel without being in it. Staff overrides (peeking channels they do not have access in) are logged.

Services opers+ are considered staff, along with users with auto op access in the defined 'OVERRIDE_CHAN'.

This command is based on the PEEK command found in srvx.

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  • culex (CuleX)

    Posted: 20/03/10 12:18:03
    Anope Version: 1.8.2
    Module Version: 1.0
    Well... It is pretty useful at times. I like it.

    However, I think that the /cs help PEEK output should clearly warn services staff that they could unconsciously make noise by doing a peek when they don't have access.

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  • Mitsos (westor)

    Posted: 28/12/12 21:42:17
    Anope Version: 1.8.7
    Module Version: 1.0
    Not working into the 1.8.7 when i run 'make modules' return errors .

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