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Module's base taken from ns_ajoin by Viper

This module is a Helpers system and have a fantasy command that only uses in help channel.
Have two option that's LOGIN system and ID(identify)

If you select "ALL", when you select this, both using identify and login. Or
If you select "ID" or "LOGIN", you will use only one system.
ID system check user's level on help channel when he uses identify command.

You are add or remove new login to use username and password.
If Any Helper login the system, get some mode, vHost etc.

Two parameters is using in this module. First HelpOp(1) Second HelpSop(1). Numbers is flags and uses when adds helpers.
When you are add new login, module add level on helpchannel access list for username. Default levels are HelpOp = 5 HelpSop =10.

Greet is fantasy command and only use helpchannel.

Greet given voice and sent greet msg to user. !greet user.

Pls, Edit default options.

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