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Category: OperServ
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This module displays some stats to users when they become a Services Operator on /ns identify, ported from Certus' ns_identify_stats on 1.8.

Output to a Services Oper on identifying:

-OperServ- ******** Services Stats Report ********
-OperServ- Uptime: 13 hours, 24 minutes
-OperServ- Current users: 9 (1 ops)
-OperServ- Maximum users: 9 (Feb 22 16:52:04 2014 GMT (13 hours, 24 minutes ago))
-OperServ- Registered nicknames: 1
-OperServ- Registered channels: 1
-OperServ- Current akills: 1
-OperServ- Current snlines: 0
-OperServ- Current sqlines: 0
-OperServ- ************* Report End *************

This module has no config options aside from loading it:
eg. module { name = "os_statsonid" }

Make sure you check the releases for the right version for what you're running, eg. 1.8/1.9/2.0)

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  • jem (jem)

    Posted: 29/03/10 04:06:51
    Anope Version: 1.8.3
    Module Version: 1.2
    I created a patch from the 1.2 version of the module for Anope 1.8.3 that makes it work for both service admins and service roots.

    It also makes it work on '/ns id password' instead of only '/ns identify password'.

    It also properly identifies the author and version when you use operserv modinfo on it.

    I also incremented the version to 1.2.1 with these changes.

    The patch is here:

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  • LEthaLity (LEthaLity)

    Posted: 05/04/10 18:10:17
    Anope Version: 1.8.4
    Module Version: 1.2
    o.0 You do realise that with is_services_admin, it worked for root anyway? Would only need to check root if you want it explicitly for roots. ty for the heads up on the mod info part, thats a old habit i had with 1.8 mods :P

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  • Michael Hazell (Techman)

    Posted: 17/05/14 01:34:58
    Anope Version: 1.8.9
    Module Version: 2.0
    Do you mind changing the event hook from OnNickIdentify to OnUserLogin?

    I already changed it on my network and it works just fine. Didn't have to change anything in the ().

    Otherwise, thanks for a great module. Definitely recommend it!

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  • Michael Hazell (Techman)

    Posted: 17/05/14 01:35:51
    Anope Version: 2.0.0
    Module Version: 2.0
    My Anope version is 2.0, sorry

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  • John (istok)

    Posted: 24/02/16 13:14:38
    Anope Version: 1.8.6
    Module Version: 1.2.1
    Thanks for the Module, LEthaLity, very cool.

    Thanks for the idea's to add ID and change is_services_admin to is_services_oper - I hadn't bothered with it until I read your paste, Jem :)

    This is how I incorporated it :P

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