Module Author: Cronus
Category: OperServ
Status: Published
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This module adds the operserv SUPERADMIN command that allows you to LIST all SuperAdmin's and also has the capability to make any user a SuperAdmin or turn off any user's SuperAdmin.

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  • Peter Binczek (mokkori)

    Posted: 12/03/10 12:08:08
    Anope Version: 1.8.3
    Module Version: 1.0
    haven't tried it, but looks fine. i do not like the whole "make any user a SuperAdmin" part, even though it's all limited to services root. if you're root and have the time to issue that command on someone who does not have rights to access superadmin by himself, you can and should quite easily fix the whole reason you'd do that for yourself. and in fact, you should. a policeman wouldn't give a friend of his, who works at a bar, his badge so he can arrest the bar owner for doing illegal things on the side. the policeman would do it himself. otherwise, good job.

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