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Adds support for wildcarded channels that can't be registered, through the use of a 'do-not-register' list.

This module is based on the do-not-register commands in [url="http://www.srvx.net">srvx, and as such some code is taken from the project @ [url="http://www.srvx.net">http://www.srvx.net.

Hash table headers used are available from [url="http://uthash.sourceforge.net">http://uthash.sourceforge.net, but have also been bundled with the module. They should be placed in anope-dir/include.

If a user attempts to register a channel that matches one or more patterns in the do-not-register list, their channel registration will be blocked.

A staff member attempting to register a DNRed channel will also be blocked, but will be shown the list of matching DNRs responsible.

For now you'll need to remove any DNRs matching a registration if you wish to allow the user (or yourself) to register a DNRed channel (and then add them back). A later version may include an override option.

SYNTAX: NOREGISTER [#pattern [reason]]

With no arguments, lists the current do-not-register list.

With only one argument, lists any current do-not-register patterns matching that channel.

With all arguments, adds a do-not-register channel with the specified reason. In this case, the channel name may include * or ? wildcards.


Searches for, and removes if present, the the specified pattern from the DNR list, enabling the channel to be registered.

Tested on 1.7.17 and 1.8.4

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