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Module written per request by Simon Hind.

This module sends a notice to the channel founder when a new channel is registered. It also sends a notice to new users when their nick is registered.

2 Config Items (put in services.conf):
CSRegMsg "Your welcome message."
NSRegMsg "Your welcome message."

Both Config items are optional. Notices are only sent if the config value is present. That means that if you only want to send to new nicks but not new channels, then place only NSRegMsg in your config file.

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  • gerry (cheiron)

    Posted: 23/05/11 21:53:11
    Anope Version: 1.8.5
    Module Version: 1.0.0
    compiled with no errors on 1.8.5, loaded fine. ran a test .. see below

    * ChanServ sets mode: +tr
    * ChanServ sets mode: +q Cheiron
    -ChanServ- Congratulations, your channel is successfully registered. Now type /msg chanserv set #yourchannelname keeptopic on .This tells chanserv not to forget your topic. If you need any further help with chanserv, join #help

    Awesome job and a very useful module. well done :)

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