Module Author: Justasic
Category: NickServ
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This module allows for a user to be forced to identify to their nickname or a specified account, the module provides the command nickserv/fidentify
Other commands similar to this one have been made but are usually not kept up to date with the ever growing anope 1.9.
if you would like a beta version of my module you can find it in my git repository

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  • Will (Lodestone)

    Posted: 23/04/13 20:37:25
    Anope Version: 1.9.8
    Module Version: 2.3.4
    To use this module you also need to add into the nickserv.conf file

    module {name = "ns_fidentify" }
    command { service = "NickServ"; name = "FIDENTIFY"; command="nickserv/fidentify"; }

    Otherwise it will load but not work.

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