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This module allows BotServ to kick users from a channel with a predefined reason, making kicking faster for the channel operators , and ensuring some kind of consistency as all the channel operators can kick with the same reasons.

!kickr [NICK] [KICKER] or
(for example: !kickr VisioN badlang or
!kr VisioN badlang )

Kickers List:

  • badlang Kicks for bad language (insults etc)
  • caps Kicks for capital character usage
  • flood Kicks for flooding
  • bold Kicks for bold character usage
  • advertise Kicks for SPAM/advertising
  • repeat Kicks for repetition
  • idle Kicks for idling (useful for helpchans)
  • badnick Kicks for bad nickname

This module has configurable options. To configure it read the first lines of bs_fantasy_kickreason.c as it has detailed information about how to do so. That said, it works even if you don't alter the configurable settings , but I suggest that you do.

NOTE: This is my first attempt to make a module so the code
might not be as good as you'd expect. I really want to say a BIG BIG thanks to Viper from the Anope Team who guided me through the whole process of creating the module.

** NOTICE ** This module is still in a beta testing stage. It *should* work fine, but don't whinge if it crashes! A new release will be made when it's stable

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