Module Author: CuleX
Category: NickServ
Status: Published
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ns_gnick: Get the display nick of any given nick.
Parts copied from os_access_levels by Adam.

Usage: /msg NickServ GNICK Homura
Returns: -NickServ- GNICK Homura CuleX

Configuration directives:
NSGNickAccess x # Determines access to gnick, where x is one of
0 = no checks (everyone)
1 = IRCop only
2 = Services Operator only
3 = Services Administrators only
4 = Services Roots only

Invalid values or not setting the directive at all defaults to 0 (Seeing how users can get the display nick from adding access on channel anyway), but it might make sense to change access on networks with ChanServ restricted to opers only.

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