Module Author: TMFKSOFT
Category: OperServ
Status: Published
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This module imitates os_umode (Core),
os_umode is limited to Super Admins whereas this module is only limited to general Opers.

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  • Davide (Dragone2)

    Posted: 07/10/12 12:58:11
    Anope Version: 1.8.7
    Module Version: 1.0
    I'm sorry, but this module make anope crash when you use /os samode Nick +/-mode on Windows:
    [Oct 07 12:31:20 2012] PANIC! buffer = :Dragone2 PRIVMSG operserv@services.[CENSORED] :samode Tester +B
    [Oct 07 12:31:20 2012] Backtrace: not available on Windows
    [Oct 07 12:31:20 2012] Running J
    [Oct 07 12:31:20 2012] Services terminating on signal 11
    If you correct this bug, I'll be really happy :)

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