Module Author: azander
Category: BotServ
Status: Published
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This module is based on Viper's bs_fantasy_vhost also found on this module site.

This module allows any nickserv registered user to set a temporary vhost. They must join the defined channel (#help by default) and issue the !vhost command.

Note: the access level for fantasy commands must be set to level 0 if you want people to be able to issue the command without being on the channel's access list.

Important: See the help at the top of the code for configuration requirements and options.

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  • Romeo (romeo5k)

    Posted: 05/05/14 23:54:05
    Anope Version: 2.0.0
    Module Version: 1.0.2
    Anope 2.0

    Grabbed the 1.0.2 and works like a charm, followed directions and it worked.. Oh, dont be a n00b like me and forget to do /os modload bs_fantasy_vhost2
    This is officially n00b proof for people like me.
    Thanks :-)

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  • pablo leal (pablito)

    Posted: 19/08/14 00:12:48
    Anope Version: 2.0.1
    Module Version: 1.0.2
    Pliss help

    No load
    Make install

    User Rating:

  • Fr0g (Fr0gYaDeadDonut)

    Posted: 23/04/17 03:38:57
    Anope Version: 2.0.4
    Module Version: 1.0.2
    Works as expected. But the fact the vhost is just temp is kind of a downer.

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