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This module allows operator to redirect or teleport (redirect and ban) user to another channel. It uses fantasy and ChanServ.

Add to the end of chanserv.conf file:
module { name = "cs_fantasy_teleport" }
command { service = "ChanServ"; name = "REDIRECT"; command = "chanserv/redirect"; }
command { service = "ChanServ"; name = "TELEPORT"; command = "chanserv/teleport"; }
fantasy { name = "redirect"; command = "chanserv/redirect"; prepend_channel = true; }
fantasy { name = "teleport"; command = "chanserv/teleport"; prepend_channel = true; }

/cs teleport #fromChannel nick #toChannel
!teleport nick #toChannel

This will part user from a #fromChannel, ban his address and join user to #toChannel

!redirect works the same, without user ban part.

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