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Category: HostServ
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HostServ Network Host (hs_nethost) is a module that allows for automatically setting a configured vhost on user registration.


name = "hs_nethost"
prefix = "user/"
suffix = ""

The default configuration shown above will work on most modern IRC daemons. However, it is up to the users of Anope to tweak the above configuration to work with their IRCd. In a worst-case scenario, the module will simply disregard a mal-formatted vhost and not set it.

When the default configuration above is used, a user "foo" will have their default vhost set to "user/foo".

I can be reached via email , on Teranova as Techman, and on my home IRC network Techtronix as Techman.

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    Posted: 30/07/16 08:57:17
    Anope Version: 2.0.3
    Module Version: 1.0.1

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