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HostServ Network Host (hs_nethost) is a module that allows for automatically setting a configured vhost on user registration. It can also automatically set this vhost upon identify/login if a nickname does not have one.

This module will not touch any existing vhost if it was set by anything other than "HostServ". This includes vhosts manually set by service operators/admins.


name = "hs_nethost"
prefix = "user/"
suffix = ""
hashprefix = "x-"
setifnone = false

The default configuration shown above will work on most modern IRC daemons. However, it is up to network administrators to verify that their IRCd and Anope configuration is correct. The module will attempt to log when an error occurs. Most often, this is due to vhost_chars in services.conf not including all the characters that an IRCd supports. (/ is not a valid domain character, so that is why it is excluded by default.)

The hash prefix is used when generating a vhost with a nickname that does not use a valid domain character, such as _.

The option "setifnone" allows a registered nickname to receive a nethost if it does not have one when logging in.

When the default configuration above is used, a user "foo" will have their default vhost set to "user/foo".

I can be reached via email , on Teranova as Techman, and on my home IRC network Techtronix as Techman.

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    Posted: 30/07/16 08:57:17
    Anope Version: 2.0.3
    Module Version: 1.0.1

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  • Zemra (zemra)

    Posted: 12/10/19 12:16:22
    Anope Version: 2.0.4
    Module Version: 1.0.1
    Great module.

    If you want all your users to have vhost user.yourdomain.com, use

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