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This module lets Services Staff (with the added permission) get a list of expiring nicknames and channels. A duration can be specified or one quarter of the default expiry time (respectively) is used.

OperServ Config:
module { name = "os_expiring" }
command { service = "OperServ"; name = "EXPIRING"; command = "operserv/expiring"; permission = "operserv/expiring"; }

Also add the Permission: "operserv/expiring" to your preferred OperType

/msg OperServ [ NICK | CHAN ] [ <duration> ]
With no parameters, it will return both Nick and Chan lists using default duration.
With only duration given, it will return both Nick and Chan lists using given duration.

Issues/Found a Bug? Please file an issue at https://github.com/genius3000/anope-modules

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