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This module works with either NickServ, ChanServ, or both. It allows you to set up notices for expiring (at a set time) and expired nicknames and channels.
Notices can be sent via E-Mail or Memo(Serv). Only one notice will be sent per Expiring nickname or channel. You set the time in the config for that, so if your NickServ:Expiry is 30d, perhaps 15d or 7d for the notice.
A default of one quarter of the configured (or default) expiry time will be used if not given for this module.

Channel notices will be sent (email or memo) to both Founder and Successor (if there is one).
Nickname notices will only send via memo if there is another Alias to the account.

Configuration (modules conf):
name = "m_expirenotice"

ns_notice_expiring = yes
ns_notice_expired = yes
ns_notice_time = 7d
ns_notice_mail = yes
ns_notice_memo = no

cs_notice_expiring = yes
cs_notice_expired = yes
cs_notice_time = 3d
cs_notice_mail = yes
cs_notice_memo = no

/* Modify these as you wish. Substitution values are:
* %N = Network Name
* %n = Nickname
* %c = Channel
* %t = Formatted time of expiry

ns_expiring_subject = "Nickname expiring"
ns_expiring_message = "Your nickname %n will expire %t.
%N IRC Administration"

ns_expiring_memo = "Your nickname %n will expire %t."

ns_expired_subject = "Nickname expired"
ns_expired_message = "Your nickname %n has expired.
%N IRC Administration"

ns_expired_memo = "Your nickname %n has expired."

cs_expiring_subject = "Channel expiring"
cs_expiring_message = "Your channel %c will expire %t.
%N IRC Administration"

cs_expiring_memo = "Your channel %c will expire %t."

cs_expired_subject = "Channel expired"
cs_expired_message = "Your channel %c has expired.
%N IRC Administration"

cs_expired_memo = "Your channel %c has expired."

Logging of pre-expiry can be done using "nickserv/preexpire" and "chanserv/preexpire" in the other category.

Issues/Found a Bug? Please file an issue at https://github.com/genius3000/anope-modules

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