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This module adds a less restrictive join flood protection to ChanServ. Upon a join flood from unregistered users (X many in Y seconds), the channel will become restricted to Registered Users only (for Z seconds). If a 'REGISTEREDONLY' channel mode is available, it will be used. If such a mode is not available, kickbans will be used with each ban being removed after.

ChanServ Config:
module { name = "cs_set_joinflood" }
command { service = "ChanServ"; name = "SET JOINFLOOD"; command = "chanserv/set/joinflood"; }

/msg ChanServ SET JOINFLOOD channel {ON [joins [secs [duration]]] | OFF | SHOW}
Defaults of 3 in 10 seconds and for 60 seconds are used unless values are specified with the ON option.

Issues/Found a Bug? Please file an issue at https://github.com/genius3000/anope-modules

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