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Keeps a (config set maximum) number of topics for a channel. Allows listing and easy restoring of historical topics.
Note: When first enabling this or changing the topic, the current topic is saved but is not shown as a historical topic until it becomes historical.

ChanServ Config
module { name = "cs_topichistory"; maxhistory = 3; }
command { service = "ChanServ"; name = "SET TOPICHISTORY"; command = "chanserv/set/topichistory"; }
command { service = "ChanServ"; name = "TOPICHISTORY"; command = "chanserv/topichistory"; group = "chanserv/management"; }

Channel Setting: /msg ChanServ SET TOPICHISTORY channel {ON | OFF}
Topic Management: /msg ChanServ TOPICHISTORY channel {LIST | CLEAR | SET entry-num}

Issues/Found a Bug? Please file an issue at https://github.com/genius3000/anope-modules

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