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Offer specialized vHosts to users, with substitution arguments available. They can be permanent or limited time (expiry).
Available arguments:
* $account - Display nick of the user's account
* $nick - Nick alias
* $regdate - Date <nick> was registered in YYYY-MM-DD
* $regepoch - Time <nick> was registered in epoch time
* $netname - Network Name

OperServ Config:
module { name = "hs_offer"; takedelay = 7d; }
command { service = "HostServ"; name = "OFFER"; command = "hostserv/offer"; permission = "hostserv/offer"; }
command { service = "HostServ"; name = "OFFERLIST"; command = "hostserv/offerlist"; }

takedelay: duration between allowed TAKEs
Also add the Permission: "hostserv/offer" to your preferred OperType

/msg HostServ OFFER ADD +expiry vhost reason
/msg HostServ OFFER DEL vhost | entry-num | list
/msg HostServ OFFER LIST | VIEW [vhost | entry-num | list]
/msg HostServ OFFER CLEAR
/msg HostServ OFFERLIST [vhost-mask | entry-num | list]
/msg HostServ OFFERLIST TAKE vhost | entry-num

Issues/Found a Bug? Please file an issue at https://github.com/genius3000/anope-modules

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