Module Author: n00bie
Category: OperServ
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The FORCEID command is used to identify a user to services. This is helpful in the case of an automatic nick script in which services keeps changing the nick to Guest.
Providing Command:

/msg OperServ HELP FORCEID
/msg OperServ FORCEID nick
Changes from the old SGR module:

1) Remove strtok();
2) Changed Services Admin to Services Operator
3) Check whether nick is part of the network services
4) Check whether nick is registered or not
5) Check whether nick is already identified to services
6) Added modes on ID (if enabled on services.conf; NSModeOnID)
7) Added NS nick tracking (if enabled on services.conf; NSNickTracking)
8) Enable vHost for nick (if the user have vHost)
This module have no configurable option.
Bugs? Suggestion/comments ... feel free ^^

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  • Romeo (romeo5k)

    Posted: 15/11/13 21:56:49
    Anope Version: 1.9.8
    Module Version: 1.0.1
    do you plan on making one for 1.9.8+ ?

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