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Category: BotServ
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This module have been requested by Blake81 on [url=]Anope's forum.

Yeah i know its an old thread but i wanted to give it a try anyway and here we go ^^

If a Guest user matching the NSGuestNickPrefix from services.conf joined a channel, BotServ bot will give a /NOTICE to the Guest user using a pre-defined messages which is settable on services.conf (BSGuestNotice)
Usage / Configuration:

This module have 1 configurable option.
Put this lines on your services.conf:

# BSGuestNotice [OPTIONAL]
# Module: bs_guestnotice
# When defined, BotServ Bot will notice a Guest nick/user
# joining the channel with the messages below.

BSGuestNotice "Guest nick are not welcomed on this channel. Please change your nick to a suitable nick."

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  • Nicholas Kyriakides (Shillos)

    Posted: 02/12/19 17:57:19
    Anope Version: 2.0.4
    Module Version: 1.0
    Could you do this for 2.0.7+ ?

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