Module Author: EZEki3l
Category: IRCd Specific
Status: Published
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This module is my first code, it comes from ipadd_module and I thank his author David Chafin for his little module which helps me well
It's designated for use on UnrealIRCd networks too.
It allows any Services Admin to use the command !banip X.X.X.X to add a new IP to the ban ip block.
Ban ip blocks are more useful than use of /gline /zline or other because if the server restarts the ban will be still active and the intruders are disconnected before joining a channel
This module have no configurable option.

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  • peter (peter)

    Posted: 17/08/10 21:11:36
    Anope Version: 1.8.4
    Module Version: 0.1
    i have this module, it works fine except a little part that you should change yourself (the directory of unreal) so don't download the .dll file but download the .c file and change this to suit your needs and if you have windows compile it.

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