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Category: IRCd Specific
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This module will restrict oper modes (incl +q) to a certain services level.
In addition it requires users to be using a registered nick to /oper.
For example if a server admin with services oper access would decide to promote himself to netadmin, the +Na modes would be removed by services.

If an oper is found to be invalid, services will remove the umodes granted by oper.
Note that if anope uses SVSMODE instead of SVS2MODE the user will not be informed.

The module imposes following restrictions:
_____ IRC Operator Level _____|_____ Required Services Access ____|___ Identified
_____ Network Administrator (N) ______ Services Administrator _____________ x
_____ Services Administrator (a) ______ Services Administrator _____________ x
______ Server (Co)Admin (A/C) _________ Services Operator ______________ x
______ Global IRC Operator (o) ______________ None ___________________ x
______ Local IRC Operator (O) ______________ None
________ User Mode q _____________ Services Root Administrator _________ x

This module can be usefull for networks using a relatively flexible open link policy, allowing them to restrict new opers' access through services.

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