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Category: NickServ
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This module allow users to reset their passwords.

- RESETPASS Reset the password of the given nickname
- ENTERCODE Confirm your password reset operation.
- RESENDCODE Send the passcode for password reset again.

Once the user requests a password reset with RESETPASS command, the module will send to the nickname's e-mail address a passcode. User must enter the passcode with ENTERCODE command, and the module shall reset the old password to a new random password.

Configuration directives

# RestrictReset [OPTIONAL]
# Module: ns_resetpass
# When enabled, RESETPASS will be restricted to IRC operators.

# ExpirePassCode time [OPTIONAL]
# Module: ns_resetpass
# Define the expire time for generated passcode.
# If not defined, the default is 1h.
#ExpirePassCode 1h

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