Module Author: DrStein
Category: NickServ
Status: Published
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This module allow Services Admins to massive drop nicknames matching a given Regular Expression.

Extended (POSIX) regular expressions are supported.


(DrStein) LIST *
-NickServ(services@anope.org)- List of entries matching *:
-NickServ(services@anope.org)- bot_10544 gacevedo@CA-EEEDA81F
-NickServ(services@anope.org)- bot_14589 gacevedo@CA-EEEDA81F
-NickServ(services@anope.org)- bot_666 gacevedo@CA-EEEDA81F
-NickServ(services@anope.org)- DrStein gacevedo@CA-EEEDA81F
-NickServ(services@anope.org)- End of list - 4/4 matches shown.
(DrStein) REGEXDROP bot_[0-9]+
-NickServ(services@anope.org)- A total of 3 nicknames have been dropped.

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