Module Author: Viper
Category: ChanServ
Status: Published
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This module will update a users' status on the channel when his entry on the access list is changed.

Currently this only affects the users main display nick.

Feature requested by Sausage in bs_fantasy_ext.
Decided to put it in a seperate module, but has been tested to work with bs_fantasy_ext.

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  • Victor Coss (GTAXL)

    Posted: 12/02/12 22:02:44
    Anope Version: 1.8.7
    Module Version: 2.0
    Very nice! This module is a must. Not sure why SYNC exists? lol. Few things, make it work for 9999 (qo) for example: GTAXL> !acc add WWW 9999
    * Bot3 sets mode +a #ControlDeck WWW
    It should be +qo and for acc del it should be -qo or all modes applied to it. I hope it checks for modes people set. Like I can give it +a and WWW could be registered as +o and I do account delete it will remove -oa. Also, make it apply to all nicks in group. +4 for features I LOVE. -1 for problems. Suggestions fix it to a 5. :)

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