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Allows channel founder (and Services Administrators) to set custom fantasy triggers on a per-channel basis.


Channel founders (and Services Administrators) can use ChanServ's SET FANTASY subcommand to set their channel's custom fantasy trigger, or reset it back to the network's default. Once set, as long as this module is loaded, the fantasy trigger for that channel will reply to the new trigger and not the network's default. The custom fantasy trigger can be seen in ChanServ's INFO command.

This module has 1 configurable option.

----- Put these lines in your services.conf --------------------------------

# BSPerChannelFantasyDBName [OPTIONAL]
# Specifies the filename of bs_perchannelfantasy's database. If not given,
# defaults to "bs_perchannelfantasy.db".

#BSPerChannelFantasyDBName "bs_perchannelfantasy.db"

----- End of Configuration -------------------------------------------------

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